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Avoiding the Most Tempting Pitfalls in Online Trading

October 10th, 2016 · blog

Investing in stock trading is one of the best business decisions you can make. Unlike the past when there were countless stumbling blocks, today’s trading industry has opened up to offer incredible opportunities to anyone willing to take up the challenge. What makes it even better is the presence of online trading platforms such as CMC Markets. You no longer have to go through such great pains as those experienced by traders in the past since you can place a trade from the comfort of your home or office or even when you are in vacation.

While there are many chances of earning huge profits from online trading, it comes with great risks. However, many people entering the online trading market choose to overlook the risks and train their eyes on the prize. Since optimism has never been considered a vice, they may not be wrong. Nevertheless, too much optimism, especially in uninformed and unplanned trading more often than not results into great financial losses and it is always judicious to keep in mind a few traps that may lie in wait for the unsuspecting first-time trader, while there are other methods you can use, like indices trading that is perfect for beginners.


Many people newly entered into the trading market think that the more they trade, the more the possibility of heaping up a fortune in profits. Worse still, they trade without stopping to think about laying their hands on a realistic set-up. Before long, they find themselves in losses, which eventually result to slow or instant death of their accounts.

If you are an amateur in online trading, learn from the professionals. It might seem unbelievable but they trade less often than their less experienced peers. They also do not place any trade before they are assured that the market has satisfied their criteria.

Uncontrolled Emotional Reactions

There is a tendency by online traders to let their emotions stray into their investment decisions. It is a mistake often made by even the best professionals in the trading industry. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should fall into the trap whether you are an amateur or a seasoned trader.

One of the most effective ways of keeping emotions from influencing how you trade is drawing up a plan and following it to the detail. You should consider the amount you want to invest and the amount you are ready to comfortably risk in losses. Additionally, factor in the price of the trade as well as the expected profits.

Inadequate Information

Having enough information on any kind of business has never done anyone any harm. In online trading, you are halfway to winning if you have enough of the relevant information. Remember, professional traders are called so mostly because they have the right information at the right time.

On the other hand, lack of adequate information is one way of ensuring that you make losses. A number of new online traders have failed miserably simply because they plunged into the game without seeking any knowledge on the industry or were too busy thinking about the profits to be made to consider the risks involved. Such traders are likely to place a trade only to realize that it is was not especially suitable for them when it is too late and the losses have already been made.

There is really no excuse for losing a trade just because you were not adequately armed with information. Thanks to technology, there are countless resources on the internet which you can easily obtain for free. Take time to learn the trading lingo. If you are stuck, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a broker who has had more experience in the industry.


There are high chances of making an enviable career in the online trading industry. The chances of making an overnight fortune are unfortunately not too high. Like all other business ventures, online trading calls for insight and good planning. Above all, it requires you to adopt a high level of patience and ability to restrain yourself until it is the best time to strike.

Remember, overtrading is one of the most enticing and ruthless traps. A large number of people who’ve found themselves in it are left with no option but to quit. Don’t be lured out of your investment plan into overtrading by the possibility of making more money than everyone else or trying to get what you’ve already lost.


This post is brought to you by Jessica Cooper, a freelance writer with an interest in personal finance.


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