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Show#2 Millionaire or Bust – Goals

June 16th, 2006 · podcasts

Topic of the Week
We discuss goals in today’s show. We discuss what they are, setting them and prioritizing them as a part of your financial future.

Money Saving Tips
Money Saving Tip of the Week:
Utilize group discounts. Before making a purchase, check to see if you have a discount through a club or association membership.

Talli’s Tightwad Tip of the Week:
Recycle. Take your aluminum, glass and plastic to a recycling center near you or your grocery store. Get some of your money back.

Money Making Tip
The AmericanDream Savings Account with a 4.65% interest rate from

Citibank’s e-savings account with a 4.75% interest rate from

Weekly Statistic
Personal saving – Disposable Personal Income(DPI) less personal spending was a -$146.8 billion in April, 2006, compared with a -$128.2 billion in March, 2006. Personal saving as a percentage of DPI was -1.6% in April, compared with a -1.4% in March.
– Bureau of Economic Analysis US Dept. of Commerce

Tool of the Week
Check interest, CD, mortgage and lending rates online using

Financial Darwinism
These might sound like common sense, but people do them…

Don’t make large purchases on your credit card if you don’t have the money to pay it off. If an emergency comes up, you’ll be over leveraged and you’ll have to carry a balance that will force you to pay interest on your credit card.

*We’re not sponsored by any of the products or companies that we are mentioning or linking to in this episode.

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