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Show#13 Millionaire or Bust – Healthcare

September 1st, 2006 · podcasts

Topic of the Week
This week we’re going to talk about healthcare and why it’s important that you make sure you have it, no matter the cost, as well as a few ways you might be able to get it easier or cheaper.

Weekly Statistic
Nearly 46 million Americans don’t have health care.

Money Saving Tips
Money Saving Tip of the Week
Christmas/birthday shop all year round. Scout out sales with potential recipients in mind. You’ll save money on those last minute purchases, not to mention stress. Besides, you can avoid the congested malls during the season.

Talli’s Tightwad Tip of the Week
Measure everything, whether it is soap powder or flour. Dumping or pinches normally uses more than is necessary. You’d be surprised how every little bit adds up, especially with items you use a lot or expensive spices.

Tool of the Week
With you can get detailed reports on the used car you’re looking at to make sure that it isn’t a lemon. It will tell you what the car has gone through, floods, fire, car crash, etc. Often a carfax report is available with a used car for free. If it isn’t, ask the seller to pay for one.

Financial Psychology
This is the segment where we examine a mindset or a way of looking at your finances that will set you up well for building wealth…

Limit television viewing. This frees up time to improve your life and saves you from the effects of marketing. Commercials infiltrate your subconscious even when you’re not paying attention to them, making you spend more. So, if you’re watching television, skip the commercials if you can or just mute them and ignore them.

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