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Saving Gas Money Saves Your Wallet

March 19th, 2011 · blog, Guest Post

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for online colleges. She especially loves hearing back from her readers. Questions or comments can be sent to: 

Given the rising cost of gas in the wake of the turbulence going on in the Middle East, it makes sense that drivers today want to find ways to be frugal with their gasoline consumption. Chances are high that you too will see some pain at the pump and in your wallet, especially this coming summer when gas prices traditionally become higher. Because of this, you’ll want to be prepared and know how to decrease the amount of gas you consume. The following are some tips meant to help you control your gasoline use and maximize the purchasing power of your dollar when you refill your car.

Keep Your Car in Shape

The most basic way to improve your car’s fuel efficiency is to keep it maintained. You have to be vigilant in keeping your car in top shape. Make sure the tires are always properly inflated. Change the air filter in your car according to the manual’s recommendations. And of course change the oil regularly as well. Remember this: a properly working car is also a fuel-efficient car. Cars that run poorly tend to burn much more gasoline. Depending on how high fuel prices rise, the cost of the gasoline might be higher than the cost to keep the car maintained.

Join a Carpool

If possible, change your commute to work into a carpool commute. That way you and your co-workers will be using less gas collectively and can share the expenses. Alternate who drives each week and figure out a good schedule and place to pickup and drop each other off. If carpooling doesn’t appeal to you, then try to find another way to change your transportation, either by taking the bus or riding the subway. Of course, your location will limit your transportation options, so don’t worry if you cannot fully change your commute.

Find Good Gas Prices

Another thing you should always look for is a gas station that has the lowest possible gasoline prices. You can use tools online that constantly update which gas stations are selling fuel for the cheapest price. Also, there are many apps that you can buy for your smart phone that will help you find the cheapest gas nearby. Be sure to check these tools before you leave for work and on your way home so that way you can fill up and save money when it’s most convenient to you.

Adjust Your Habits

Finally, you might have to make a huge sacrifice, especially when gas prices reach their highest points this summer. Changing your habits could be one way of reducing the amount of money you spend on gas. Instead of driving to go out and socialize, try staying in for a few weeks. If you need to run errands one weekend, then you should make sure to plan out your errands to be as short and efficient as possible. And if you were planning to travel, maybe postpone your trip for a little bit longer until the gas prices go down.

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