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Should You Use PIP Insurance Before Health Insurance?

September 13th, 2011 · blog, Guest Post

Motorcyclists know that a collision and/or comprehensive insurance plan will cover repairs and replacements to a motorbike for many types of accidents, and that bodily and property insurance will cover the cost of damages to other drivers during a riding mishap. While accidents and mishaps are not something motorcyclists want to think about, accidents do happen from time to time. Often that is because another driver failed to see the motorcyclist on his motorbike.

Purchasing multiple motorcycle insurance policies, such as liability, comprehensive, bodily, property, and even personal injury protection plans is a good idea. They not only protect oneself, other drivers, and the motorcycle, but because acquiring several of these plans are required by law, (depending on the state) they are a necessity for all drivers. Some states specifically require that personal injury protection plans be maintained by its motorists. However, many motorists from states that don’t require PIPs are unfamiliar with this type of policy or have heard that they should use their health insurance plan to cover medical expenses instead. I am here to dismantle those negatives notions regarding PIPs.

Although several bloggers and other authorities suggest that using personal injury protection, (medical payments insurance) before medical insurance is a cost-effective and smart option, PIP motorcycle insurance is designed to either supplement or replace the use of medical insurance during a motorcycle accident.

Regardless of who caused the accident, PIP insurance covers injuries sustained in an accident by yourself or one of your passengers. Since medical insurance will not cover deductibles, co-payments, or funeral costs, the low cost of a personal injury protection plan makes it a good buy for even those motorists not required to have this policy through their state of residence.

And while arguments exist showing that it takes longer for PIP plans to pay for expenses than health insurance companies and that PIP premiums will increase after the overall claim is filed and recorded, that is true with almost any type of insurance. It is beneficial to use a PIP plan to cover your expenses, especially if you have a low-deductible health insurance plan. Another good reason to acquire personal injury protection motorcycle insurance is that if you exhaust your medical benefits, the PIP plan acts as a gap-filler or umbrella to cover the remaining costs.

So, while people often try to save money by cutting down on insurance, that can be the wrong move and it can be one that really costs you. So, if you have insurance needs, meet them properly and for the right price. It could serve your pocketbook very well in the end.

This is a guest post by Jessica Wagner, a freelancer writer from San Diego, CA.


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