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Personal Finance Habits to Brag About & Keep Debts at Bay

October 16th, 2011 · blog, Guest Post

An increasingly large number of young adults depart college for the workforce deeply inculcated with the bad monetary habits that they developed while they were studying. Those habits are quite likely to push them towards the trap of long term credit card debt. Often they acquire high interest debt due to poor money management skills and are left with a poor credit score. Getting loans at an affordable interest rate will become a dream for these students. These concerns aren’t limited to students. Everyone should follow certain personal finance tips, which they can brag about to the next generation. Life would be much easier if, when you were a student, you mastered certain personal finance habits that could help secure your financial freedom when you grew up. Here are some personal finance habits to practice that could help with that:

Be Proactive
The most important habit that is practiced by highly frugal people is to be financially proactive. Regardless of what you make in a month, you must know where your pennies are going and whether your finances are going in the right direction.

Craft a Frugal Budget
Frugality is the ultimate secret to financial freedom. If you want to keep debts at bay, you have to practice frugality. Frugal living does not mean excessive pinching of your pennies, but it means that you should track where your pennies are going and whether you’re saving them for future use. A budget will help you track your income and expenses and allow you to scrutinize your savings.

Save Money Religiously
You must save enough money so that you never have to seek professional debt relief help due to accruing high interest debt obligations. Some of the professional debt relief options you might encounter will charge you unnecessary fees and therefore you may waste further hard-earned dollars this way. Instead, if you have already built a rainy-day fund, you can use it to repay your debt obligations.

Curb Credit Card Use
Stop using credit cards altogether as getting used to relying on credit can result in you burying yourself in a debt hole when money is tight. Instead of carrying credit, you can carry cash to prevent the accumulation of debt due to the temptation of impulsive shopping.

If you want to live a debt free life, you should learn the right money management techniques and when possible preach the value of them to your juniors and to the next generation. During times when the economy is falling off a cliff, you will land hard if you don’t manage your personal finances appropriately.


Ryan Smith is a contributory writer associated with the Debt Consolidation Care Community and has written several articles for various financial websites. His expertise is in the Debt industry and he has made significant contributions through his various articles.

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