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MOB #106 – Eat Smart On Vacation

September 14th, 2009 · podcasts

Next week is looking to be a “vacation week,” but I’m open to user contributed material or a guest hosted show, if anyone is interested. I may also put together a feedback show. That’s all up in the air, but unless something comes up, don’t expect the show next week.

Here are today’s segments and the associated articles and links:

By the Numbers:

  1. Dow: Gained 164 points from 9,441 to 9,605
  2. Oil: Dropped $0.06/barrel to $68.69 from $ 68.75 as of 3:34am
  3. Gas: Dropped 1 cent/gallon from $2.583/gallon to $2.573
  4. Bank Failures: 3 more bring the total to 92 for the year

Which Way Is the Wind Blowing?

Get A Great Deal!

This week I covered five pieces of feedback from the past two weeks. Two each from the first two people and one from the third.

  1. Maria Isabel
  2. Shawno from the Hyper Nonsense Podcast
  3. Fresh Start

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  • 1 Maria Isabel // Sep 16, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Your idea for eating smart and cheaper sounds good. While on vacation in Canada we will try it.

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