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MOB #79 – Identity Theft & the News

March 2nd, 2009 · podcasts

The main topic of this week’s episode of Millionaire or Bust is identity theft. But, before I talked about that, I had to give you this week’s news:

This week was the seventh consecutive week with a bank closure. This week regulators shuttered two more banks, the 15th and and 16th to fail this year. Also in bank news, Iberiabank was the first bank to pull out of the bank bailout program and payback all their loans rather than be subject to the restrictions introduced by the government.

Then I talked about where oil was this week, which was up a significant percentage. While demand was weak for oil, it was also weak for steak as price conscious consumers ate more burgers. And in further food related news, US Airways stopped charging for non-alcoholic beverages on their flights.

While businesses are being hit left and right by this economoy, I found an article about a company that is bucking the trend because of the service they provide. That company is Netflix.

Then, since I read an article that said that 10 million Americans were hit by identity theft last year, I thought I should dedicate some serious time to discussing how to reduce your risk of it happening to you.

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  • 2 Shawno // Mar 3, 2009 at 1:18 am

    I’ve got a fairly inexpensive paper shredder placed over a small garbage can I got at Wal-Mart. Works great. And I’m weird, but I’ll take a burger over steak any day. Food you can eat without utensils FTW.

  • 3 Maria Isabel // Mar 3, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    I loved the music that you put for the news. It makes a good separation between the news and the rest of the show.
    The show was very informative and very specific in what we can do to protect ourselves from identity theft. Thanks

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