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MOB #78 – Great Recession, News & Patriotic Comments

February 23rd, 2009 · podcasts

This is a short episode of Millionaire or Bust this week, for several reasons. We had some aggressiveness issues with our dog Hunter, so we had to give him up, since we have a baby and that’s just not safe. That was rough on the family. Immediately following that, we had a family party for my son’s first birthday and then today I had to take my son in for a checkup and shots with the pediatrician. Then right before posting, I realized that some settings got completely messed up and destroyed the audio quality. Getting that fixed took awhile which is why the show is up about 9-10 hours later than usual. Sorry for any inconvenience everyone.

I quickly covered the news today:

  1. The latest bank failure out of Oregon put us at 14 for the year in comparison to 25 for all of 2008.
  2. Japan’s economy shrank at the fastest pace in 35 years.
  3. Hyundai sweetened their plan to assist car buyers that lose their jobs within 12 months of buying their cars.
  4. Americans drove fewer miles for the 14th consecutive month.
  5. As the U.S. downturn deepens, repair businesses thrive.
  6. Some U.S. states might eliminate the death penalty in order to save themselves money as they fight budget crises of their own.
  7. With all this negative news coming in, I thought I’d throw in a surprising story sent in by Tim (Orange Tim) of Australia. Apparently, in defiance of the global recession, Australians are spending more than ever on weddings with an average cost of wedding that is around 50% higher than ours after the exchange rate is taken into consideration.

Then we covered a lot of feedback which we received from Matt from Seattle, Shawno from the Hyper Nonsense and Shawnogram podcasts and Christian from

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  • 1 Hermanus // Feb 27, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Good show as usual. I always like to hear people’s point of view. Thanks.

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