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MOB #45 – Money Education, Traffic Fatalities & Identity Theft

September 3rd, 2008 · podcasts

We start off the show by talking about an older man we saw at the park over Labor Day weekend. He was collecting cans from the garbage to make some extra money. It was a reminder to us of why we need to watch our finances and be prepared for retirement.

The first article we discuss is an article by Stephen Gandel from Money Magazine called “Why You Can’t Teach Money. ” In that article, he interviews law professor Lauren Willis who suggests we give up on financial literacy because it’s a waste of time and can get people into trouble. David calls into question her intelligence and the wisdom of publishing such a ridiculous article, while Talli focuses more on the content.

After savaging Lauren Willis’ interview, we discuss Joan Lowy’s article from the AP, via Yahoo! News on how traffic fatalities have been reduced by high gas prices. We talk about how Americans are changing their transportation habits in order to avoid spending more money.

Next, we touch on a topic which can never be covered enough, identity theft. We pore over The price of identity theft protection an article from CNN Money. We look at what identity theft is, how to safeguard against it, what some services are that can help you and how you can do it cheaper yourself.

To get those credit reports, go to For the Consumers Union’s Guide to Security Freeze Protection lists which lists each state’s security freeze laws check out

In case you’re cocky about how well you guard your identity, we discuss one incidence of Best Western blowing all the effort put in by 8 million of its customers to keep their personal information secure by making their personal information available to the Russian Mafia. The story is from Scotland’s Sunday Herald, courtesy of Slashdot.

To finish up the show, we covered some feedback from Matt from Northern California, who also has the Pizza Go Here podcast. It’s a fun familycast. If you’re interested, I encourage you to check it out! He discusses how you actually can go over limit on a credit card and how there are fees associated with that as well. Thanks for that info Matt. We really appreciate it.

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