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Want to advertise?

Have a business or product that you want to advertise to our listeners?

Your audio ads can run in the middle or at the end of our podcast, depending on your preference. We can take ready made promos or we can read your ad copy. We can also create and read ad copy specially designed to help you reach our listeners. Along with your audio ad, you’ll also receive a link to your business in the show notes for the shows that you advertised on and a link on our home page as long as you are a current sponsor.

If you’re looking for a wider reach than just this podcast, you can advertise across our network of content at Flying Squirrel Media or in just specific podcasts that suit your needs.

For those who don’t want to advertise in the podcast or would like to supplement the sponsor link, banner ad advertising on the home page of our website is also available on a weekly or monthly basis.

Please contact us by:

email: advertising @ (just remove the spaces)
voicemail: (206) 333-0205

Leave us a message and we’ll respond back and gladly answer any questions you might have. We’ll work to get your product or business the exposure you want. So, make sure to leave us the contact information where you would most like to be reached and if by phone, the best time to call.