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CFD Trading – Insider Secret Tips and Tricks

February 23rd, 2016 · blog

CFD, or Contract for Difference, allows you to trade across a wide range of financial assets from a single account. The markets which are included are shares, indices, commodities, foreign currencies and other international markets. With CFDs, you don’t actually own the real assets underlying, you just access the price performance of them. Any of the costs associated with direct ownership are thus eliminated. There are no stamp duty costs and all other costs associated with ownership and transfer are eliminated in CFD trading.

CFD trading is a very new concept to many investors and traders worldwide, which is completely understandable owing to the concept and mechanics of CFD, which may appear different from traditional share trading concepts. Asking for help from a financial advisor or trading expert to assist you with understanding the CFD market concept will help you identify the many trading opportunities to get more exposure in the CFD financial markets.

You will find many financial advisors and stockbrokers who can help newbie traders and investors search the market, but very few of them have true and in-depth understanding of CFDs and how they can provide more exposure to indices, commodities, forex pairs, as well as global stocks.

CFD Trading Advice
Many CFD trading service providers are able to provide you with basic CFD trading advice and sufficient education, but a lot of them will never offer you the right CFD trading recommendations that you will need.

However, there some who are ready to offer you the necessary advice, trading recommendations, and ideas for you to grow and prosper in this market. These are the providers who specialize in other areas of financial management, such as corporate advisory, fund management, and financial planning to name a few. Going to the right CFD provider that does not merely focus on CFD trading is always a great idea for newbie traders who badly need assistance in keeping their trading portfolio in good condition. They need someone who really understands the risks and advantages of CFD trading.

Working with the right CFD trading providers will give you the widest range of options and services, not just give you an online trading platform. These CFD trading services will provide you a dedicated personal account manager with whom you can collaborate on a daily basis and ask assistance from with respect to your CFD trading concerns. Should you need any further services and assistance, you can benefit from this set up. But, of course they will charge higher commission rates when you opt for that additional service.

In most cases, obtaining an expert CFD trading advisor from your provider is sure to cost you more when compared to trading by yourself online. But, the benefits often far outweigh the losses that many novice traders incur when trading by themselves. They will help craft a well thought out trading plan and strategy for your trading approach and this will prove more profitable to any trader.

Understanding The Risks

Prior to trading CFDs, you should completely understand the advantages of CFD trading and know the risks involved in trading them. Novice traders often fall prey to the web of confusion and they become too overwhelmed to even continue trading. They fail to understand that even though the profits linked with CFD trading may result in profits, it can also result in really huge losses; this is why you need to have an in-depth understanding of CFD trading and risk management.

These days, the speed of trading has improved and you are no longer required to wait on very long lines just so you can trade. Online websites offer excellent training programs where you will be given a chance to join programs on CFDs wherever you may be in the world.

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Looking For The Best PPI Claim Company? Check They Meet These Criteria

January 20th, 2015 · blog, Guest Post

Becoming a millionaire, or just well off, is as much about mindset as it is anything else, if not more. Part of that mindset relates to how you spend your time and whether what you’re doing is best value or not.

Many wealthy people understand that it’s often better to pay someone to do something for them than it is for them to mess around doing it themselves.

Reclaiming money from mis-sold PPI is one such instance where having a PPI claim company handle your claim for you can be the wisest choice long term. As you look around for a company to claim on your behalf, keep the following points in mind.

Can They Uncover Forgotten Accounts and Account Numbers?

If you claim PPI by yourself, you’ll need to submit an account number for every claim you wish to make. For some people that’s quite tricky because they’ve misplaced their account numbers. It’s also not uncommon for people to have forgotten about accounts that came and went some time ago, which could be a lot of money left sitting on the table.

To be sure you find every loan or credit agreement that had PPI attached, and assuming you don’t have a meticulously kept set of records, you’ll need to go through the somewhat lengthy process of doing a credit history check on yourself.

The quicker and far simpler solution, though, is to find a PPI claims company that has negotiated special arrangements with the main banks and lenders. These special arrangements mean they only need to submit your name and address history in order for the bank to run a search across its entire network and find every financial agreement you’ve ever had in place with them or any of their sister companies.

It’s an arrangement that only a few PPI claim companies have been able to secure and, unfortunately, is not available to individuals claiming by themselves. In and of itself, this can save a great deal of time, effort and stress.

Their Fee Structure Is Transparent

There’ll be a fee for using a PPI claim company, just as there’s a fee in any service industry. The key thing to look for when searching for the best PPI claim company is for their fee structure to be transparent and honest, with nothing hidden in the small print to catch you out further down the line.

What you should look for in particular is that they operate on a no win, no fee basis. They should be able to look into your claim for you and tell you if you have PPI and whether it was likely mis-sold or not.

If you don’t have PPI, there should be no charge to you for any work done. Likewise, if you do have PPI but it wasn’t mis-sold, there shouldn’t be a fee in that situation either. You should only have to pay for the service if you win your claim.

Similarly, you shouldn’t be charged anything upfront. If you have questions or are ‘shopping around’, the company you speak with should be happy to answer your questions and offer guidance without charging you.

No Obligation To Go Further

This is more an extension of the last point. If you do make enquiries with any company, it should be on a no obligation basis. Basically, there shouldn’t be any pressure for you to take things further if you decide not to for any reason.

In Summary

Having a PPI claim company handle your claim can pay for itself in the long run as you concentrate on other wealth building areas. But the company you use to handle your claim should meet certain criteria:

  1. They will have a special arrangement with banks and lenders that does away with the need for account numbers to be submitted. Instead, your name and previous address will allow the bank to search its entire database for all records relating to you.
  2. They will work on a no win, no fee basis; if your PPI wasn’t mis-sold, or you simply don’t have any PPI, you should walk away no worse off financially. You only pay for the service if your claim is successful.
  3. They don’t pressure you to take things further if you decide not to. You can contact them and ask questions and then, should you decide not to have them handle your claim, you simply walk away without obligation.

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Maximize Your Cash Flow

October 24th, 2014 · blog

Business Cash Flow Infographic

A lot of businesses get into trouble with cash flow. Even when they make a profit during the year, they have issues at certain points of the year where the cash flow isn’t sufficient to sustain the business. That leaves the business owner in the difficult predicament where they either have to choose which bills they can afford to postpone paying or with looking for a loan to carry them through until their receivables come in. Either of those two options can cost a business more in late fees or interest, hurting the future profits of the business.

So, the key is to try to smooth out the cash flow. That can be done by changing the way your business handles either accounts payable or accounts receivable and sometimes both. This excellent infographic offers some opportunities to address issues on either side of your cash flow. The ones that I plan on focusing on for my business are payment terms. By addressing the terms that I offer to my clients, I think I can speed up payment and improve my cash flow in a significant manner.

Regardless of the type of business you have, you should be able to find at least a few tips that can improve your cash flow. Give it a look, improve your cash flow and let us know which areas you think can help your business’ cash flow in the comments below.

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The Best High Risk Ways to Make Money!

March 19th, 2014 · Guest Post


Everyone wants to be a millionaire and while many of us work hard to get where we are today, there are many would look for a easy route to big money. Fortunately, there are ways to get to lots of money quickly but they involve plenty of risk that could see you lose it all. Here are some of my favourite high risk ventures for making money.

  • Gambling

Whether it is sports betting, poker or casino games such as Blackjack or roulette everyone is aware of how much can be made from gambling. Take for instance UK resident John O., who is a member of online bingo site, John turned a 30p spin on the online slot game The Dark Knight into more than £5.8m!

For each massive success there are plenty of people who lose all of their bankroll with one false move. For example, in soccer, English Premier League leaders Chelsea were beaten by lowly Aston Villa last weekend. Upsets like these can cost people looking to make big money from gambling in a way. Others lose it by foolishly chasing losses, but for a patient person with good bankroll management skills as well as an ability to pick winners or win at poker, then there is certainly a chance of winning big by gambling.

  • Day Trading

The buying and selling of stocks, options and currencies as well as futures within the same business day is covered by the blanket term of day trading. This form of trading has, with the advent of electronic trading, become increasingly easier for individuals to trade rather than it being the preserve of financial firms and professionals. [Read more →]

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Entertainment That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

October 30th, 2013 · blog, Guest Post


We all like to have activities that are fun and entertaining, yet dont have to be a drain on our wallet at the same time. Here are just a few ways to have fun without ending up out of pocket.

Get walking!
There’s no need to join a gym and pay expensive membership fees to get fit and active. Walking is an activity that costs nothing and can be done from your own doorstep, wherever you live. It doesn’t have to be something that is reserved for weekend countryside rambles either. You can build up your fitness gradually by getting off a stop or too early on the way to and from work if you take public transport, or parking further away from the office if you drive your own car. Walking for pleasure is a great way of doing exercise, but it’s also an activity that will help you clear your head of the day-to-day stresses and you’ll get to know your local area better too.

If you want entertainment on tap, all you need to do is join your local library. There’s enough reading material to go at to last you a lifetime and, as long as you return the books in time, it’s free! Don’t just plump for fiction – expand your knowledge of the world by reading some history books and some biographies too.

Healthy Eating
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to ear healthily. By refusing to buy ready meals and instead cooking meals from scratch with seasonal ingredients, you’ll not only end up saving money, but you’ll also develop new skills in the kitchen. You’ll see that cooking can be a pleasure, not a chore and it can be a great frugal hobby.

Revisit some board games
We all have board games that sit in a cupboard and don’t get to see the light of day except at Christmas. Introduce a games night in your household and enjoy the fun of the whole family playing together. If you don’t have many board games, invest in a pack of playing cards and you’ll have endless entertainment out of it! [Read more →]

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